DC-DC Converters


Our proven ability to blend circuit topologies and high-performance components with contemporary construction techniques has led to our premier position in the industry as the largest supplier of DC-DC converters. From standard models to modified products and complete custom designs, Murata’s DC/DC converters can meet the needs for miniaturization, low profile, high efficiency, power-saving, low noise designs for use in industrial and electronic equipment, telecom, medical, automotive, lighting, and more

DC-DC Converter Offering

Innovation. An ongoing source of new solutions. Just what you should expect from a market-leading supplier of power electronics.
Fully compatible with DOSA PoL converters. Ratings from 0.59 to 15.5V; 1 to 60A.
Encapsulated low power DIP, SIP, and SMD. Industry standard brick packages. Ratings from 0.25 to 1000W; 0.02 to 100A; 2.5 to 54V.