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AC-DC Power Supplies

AC-DC Power Supplies  

Our AC-DC power supply solutions can be designed to meet almost every conceivable application requirement in terms of power, performance, efficiency, communications, protection, size, approvals compliance, and cooling requirements.

Front Ends for Distributed Power Architectures
AC to 12Vdc or 48Vdc ultra compact front end supplies for distributed power architectures with active power factor correction plus industry leading efficiency & density. Open Frame. High-efficiency, single output solutions in 1U chassis, 75W to 400W. Custom Solutions

Please consult our data sheets for products designed in compliance with international safety standards and other regulatory groups.

1U Front End Open Frame 1U LED Lighting Enclosed Front-End 3 Phase AC-in
1U Front End
The high efficiency and compact designs of our 1U offering make them ideally suited for length-limited applications and mid-plane design architectures.
Open Frame 1U
Murata’s open-frame 2 x 4 and 3 x 5 power supplies are designed with our own components and unique circuit technologies, for maximum efficiency and reliability.
LED Lighting
Murata’s power supply modules for LED lighting are developed for various interfaces such as PWM, DALI, and also UART, for BEMS and HEMS applications.
Enclosed Front-End 3 Phase AC-in
Enclosed Front-end 3 Phase AC-in power supplies are 96% Efficient at 3500/7000 watt, power factor corrected, three phase power converter for 230/480VAC lines.