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    Explanation of Product Status

    Under Development Products under development
    Please contact us for product availability and sample lead-time.
    In Production Product is in mass production.
    to be discontinued Not recommended for new designs. We are evaluating the schedule for the discontinuing of production of this item. Contact Murata or refer to the website for details of product supply and possible alternative product information.
    Discontinued product Production of this product has stopped. Contact Murata for inventory availability and possible alternative products.
    Recommended product This product is particularly recommended among our products currently in production.
    New product It's new item.


Technical Information

series datasheet /data/acdcsupplies/d1u2-w-400-12-ha4c.pdf
Series Type AC-DC Power Supply
Series Status In Production
series primary yes
Series 3D Solidworks /3d/acdc/mps_acdc_d1u2_w_400.sldprt
Series 3D Step /3d/acdc/
Series 3D Iges /3d/acdc/mps_acdc_d1u2_w_400.igs
Series 3D PDF /3d/acdc/mps_acdc_d1u2_w_400.pdf