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3D Models of AC-DC Power Supplies

If you do not find the series of interest at this time in the list below, please submit an inquiry via the “Contact Us” form. Your requests must include:

  • valid e-mail address and telephone number;
  • exact model required; and
  • type of file desired (SOLIDWORKS® software, STEP, or IGES files).

New models may require from 5 to 10 days to be created. Once finished, an e-mail will be sent informing you that the new model may be downloaded.

Standard 3D models are simplified and generic to the family of products and are made available for general use. As such, these generic models may not present an accurate representation of every member of a family of products.

Murata Power Solutions makes no warranty or guarantee as to the suitability of its products or models for any specific application. Murata Power Solutions reserves the right to make changes at any time without further notice. 3D models are created using nominal values for physical dimensions and material properties; tolerances are not factored into the models. Please refer to the published data sheet in conjunction with the files. All parameters should be validated by your own technical experts. By downloading a model, the user agrees to absolve Murata Power Solutions from all liability related to the use or application of the model or product.

Series (links to datasheet)Optional DetailsSolidworks® StepIges3D PDF
C1U-W-1200-12-Tx   Request Request Request  
C1U-W-1200-48-Tx   Request Request Request  
cPCI200D   Request Request Request  
cPCI325D-10xC   Request Request Request  
D1U2-D-400-12-HA2C   Download Download Download View
D1U2-W-400-12-HA4C   Download Download Download View
D1U3CS-D-850-12-HxxC   Request Request Request  
D1U3CS-W-1200-HxxC   Request Request Request  
D1U3CS-W-850-12-HxxC   Request Request Request  
D1U4CS-D-2100-54-HxxDC   Request Request Request  
D1U4CS-W-2200-12-HxxC   Download Download Download View
D1U4-W-1200-12   Request Request Request  
D1U4-W-1600-12   Request Request Request  
D1U5CS-H-2825-12-HA4C   Request Request Request  
D1U54P-W-650-12-HBxC   Download Download Download View
D1U-H-2800-52   Request Request Request  
D1U-W-1200-12   Request Request Request  
D1U-W-1200-48   Request Request Request  
D1U-W-1600-12   Request Request Request  
D1U-W-1600-48   Request Request Request  
D1U-W-2000-48   Request Request Request  
D1U54P-W-1200-12-HxxC   Request Request Request  
D1U86G-W-460-12-HxxDC   Request Request Request  
MVAB120 12Vout Download Download Download View
MVAB120 24-48Vout Download Download Download View
MVAC250   Download Download Download View
MVAC250 Screw Terminal Output Download Download Download View
MVAC400   Download Download Download View
MVAC400 Screw Terminal Output Download Download Download View
MVAC Cover Screw Terminal Output Download Download Download View
MVAD040-12 12Vout Request Download Request  
MVAD040-24_48 24-48Vout Request Download Request  
MVAD065-12 12Vout Request Download Request  
MVAD065-24 24Vout Request Download Request  
MVAD065-48 48Vout Request Download Request  
MVAD160-12   Request Download Request View
MVAD160-24   Request Download Request View
MVAD160-245   Request Download Request View
MVAD160-485   Request Download Request View
S1U-3X   Request Request Request  

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